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Training Courses



2. Structured Clinical risk assessment of violence and sexual violence: HCR-20 & SVR-20 Basic

The HCR-20 is a formal structured risk assessment tool that was designed to predict the future occurrence of violence. It combines information from Historical Factors, current Clinical presentation and a Risk Management plan, in order to guide clinical judgment about the likelihood of future violence and how it might be alleviated.

 The HCR-20 has a very strong evidence-base in many offender and psychiatric populations across the world and is regarded by many as the ‘gold-standard’ in risk management planning.

 From the same authors of the HCR-20, the SVR-20 examines risk factors known to be associated with risk of reconviction for sexual offences (including those to both adults and children).

Training consists of a two 2-day workshop to learn about the HCR-20 and how to score, interpret and formulate risk. It also covers the evidence-base for the tool and several practice cases and group discussions. Any instrument is only useful if it is being properly applied.

 In the Reliability Workshop (2-days) participants are given a series of prepared cases to score. Their scores are then compared to ‘gold-standard’ scores (obtained by expert raters, and consensus scores) to give information on how well they are formulating risk using the HCR-20 and tips to help them improve their performance.

Everyone attending this Workshop will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a report outlining their reliability on the HCR-20.

 The final day covers the SVR20 (sexual violence risk - 20), covering how to score and interpret the findings, the evidence-base, practice cases and group discussions. Attendance is open to professionals from a wide range of disciplines.

 In the past we have trained psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, legal representatives, probation officers. Indeed a ‘multi-disciplinary’ approach is encouraged.


Thanks to the sponsorship of the Welsh Assembly Government we are able to offer these courses at discount prices for those working within Welsh Institutions.

Full course - 5 days £500 per person (£800 for those in Non-Welsh Institutions)

Lunch and refreshments are provided.

 Further information and discussion of training needs can be sought from

Nicola Gray
PO Box 5207
Cardiff CF5 9BR
phone number  02920 874937