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The HCR20 and Structured Professional Judgments of Risk: an update

Professor Chris Webster (Author of HCR20) 
Professor Nicola Gray (Director of WARRN)

One-day Workshop

Structured professional judgment of future risks (as exemplified by the HCR20) have become popular clinical instruments in recent years.  The success of these instruments has led to several developments, namely the further development of the HCR20 in light of feedback from users etc. (version 3), the development of other instruments designed to predict other risks or risk in other situations (e.g.. START, EARL), and a massive expansion in the evidence-base for both the HCR20 and other SPJs.  

This workshop will therefore aim to
Update on developments in the HCR20
Update on the development of other SPJs
Update on the evidence-base and research relating to SPJs
Provide a forum for discussion of peoples experiences using SPJs, including implementing their use within a Trust or team etc.

The workshop is aimed at all professions who use, or have an interest, in using SPJs.  The nature of the workshop  is  to update  people  not to  provide  basic  training, hence all delegates should have received training on HCR20 or a similar SPJ scheme. 

Facilitator - Professor Chris Webster.  
Professor Webster is a leading international figure in the field of risk assessment and is author of some of the most well-used instruments (e.g., HCR-20, SARA, SVR-20, EARL-20B, EARL-21G).  He continues to publish, teach, and research in the area of violence risk assessment and management.

Facilitator - Professor Nicola Gray   
Professor Gray is a consultant clinical and forensic psychologist, who has published extensively on risk assessment instruments, has run many training course on risk assessment, and is director of the Wales Applied Risk Research Network (WARRN).

£ 125 - Fees comprise registration, workshop materials, certificate of attendance, tea/coffee & lunch. 

Thanks  to  the  sponsorship  of  the  Welsh  Assembly  Government  we  are  able  to  offer  these  courses  at discount prices for those working within Welsh Institutions – (£ 75)

Further information and discussion of training needs can be sought from 

Nicola Gray
PO Box 5207
Cardiff CF5 9BR
phone number  02920 874937