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Training Courses



Introduction to the Principles of Anger and Anger Management

Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage.


It is a useful emotion when channeled appropriately.

It can also be a debilitating emotion, which, when acted upon can have serious consequences for the person, their physical health, their day to day functioning, those around them, mental health and primary care services as well as the wider society.


Anger management is the collective term used to describe the assessment and treatment of anger - based upon Cognitive Behavioural principles.
We provide an overview of Anger Management, including

·         definition;

·         an overview of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and CBT Models;

·         the clinical assessment of anger (including a role play presentation);

·         a review of anger measures;

·         treatment suitability considerations and case management;

·         case formulation; and

·         the main treatment interventions.


Who should attend? 

Attendance is open to professionals from a wide range of disciplines who are not experienced in anger management.
It will be of particular relevance to those working in clinical practice including: psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, legal representatives, probation officers, and counsellors.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Welsh Assembly Government we are able to offer these courses at discount prices for those working within Welsh Institutions


Full course - 1 day £175 per person (£225 for those in Non-Welsh Institutions)


Lunch and refreshments are provided.


Further information and discussion of training needs can be sought from

Nicola Gray
PO Box 5207
Cardiff CF5 9BR
phone number  02920 874937